24 May 2013

10 Reasons Why it's Actually Awesome to be a Fan of a Losing Team

Being a fan of the Houston Astros currently means watching one of the worst teams in the history of the game slog through series after series with very little hope of taking two out of three games.....or even one of three.

It doesn't mean all things are terrible though. There's actually two handfuls of reasons why it's pretty damn awesome to be a fan of the team.

10. Every game is a fun guessing game. You get to guess who will play where, you get to guess what each new players name is and you get to guess how many runs they will lose by on any given night.

9. No matter how bad they play, they are still guaranteed an All Star (almost certainly to be Jose Altuve, MLB's shortest active player).

8. We get to enjoy one of the best minor league systems in the game.

7. Jose Altuve.

6. Looking at the schedule and realizing one of your fantasy baseball starting pitchers is facing the Astros. Though it doesn't bode well for the Astros, it does your fantasy team plenty good.

5. Getting to watch guys who have either ran out of chances with other teams or perennial minor leaguers get the chance to get consistent at bats at the big league level (I still have hope in Fernando Martinez, who was a HUGe prospect for the Mets for a long time).

4. Drafting #1 overall two years in a row (and knowing that both players you drafted/will draft are absolute studs with tons of upside).

3. Having a genius like Jeff Luhnow in charge. All one has to do is look at what he did in St. Louis to know that his being in this organization can only bode well for the future.

2. Gloating when they beat a team that is much better than they are (ie: opening day win over Yu Darvish and the Texas Rangers).

1. At least were not cheering for the Marlins!!

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