08 July 2010

Recharging the ol' Batteries

Recently, I stepped back from the keyboard and kind of took a little sabbatical from writing about this great sport (and hobby) of ours.

No writing on the blog.
Little writing on message boards (and 90% of that writing had to do with off topic stuff).
No writing down ideas that pop into my head.

Why, you may ask? You weren't writing THAT much as it is, you say.

Very true, that may be. Sometimes, I just need to step back and read. Read what other bloggers are saying. Actual "writers" (by actual writers, I mean people who write for a living, be it on a website, for a magazine, in books, etc.). And listen. Listen to Sportscenter, Baseball Tonight (no MLB Channel out here, so I miss that stuff), live broadcasts, tape delayed broadcasts, movies, the news, everything.

And now, I am back with a ton of mail posts (seriously, like 4 mail posts, one for each area of my personal collection), my own opinion on the All Star game (including snubs), my upsettedness about not being able to participate in Gint-A-Cuffs and even a Wants post.

This, my friends, is just a post letting everyone know I am back and I am okay (and, I have yet to deploy....as the fly date for my group keeps getting moved around).

Anyways, I have a lot of typing to do and will try to space these next 8 posts or so out over the next 4 days or so.

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