11 July 2010

Saying farewell to a collection.....

I come to you this evening, in a semi-sad mood. The man above has left my personal collection.

For those of you who do not recognize him, that is New York Yankees Starting Pitcher, Javier Vazquez. Through eBay, I met a fellow JV collector who, it seems, has much deeper pockets and a MUCH better and larger JV collection than I do. I soon realized we had been hurting each other, by affecting the outcome of many eBay auctions, in turn costing each other money in the long run.

Just about an hour ago, I agreed with my fellow collector on a paypal amount, to send all of my Vazquez cards his way.

I am going to use the funds to further enhance my Hidalgo collection (have a white whale ending in under two hours), my RC collection and other aspects (such as my Astros Team Collection).

You will be missed, Javier.


  1. Oh noes!

    I picked up a few Hidalgoes for you, but got a Vazquez as well. Should I just send you the Hidalgoes and do something else with the Vazquez?

  2. Bummer... best of luck on your Hidalgo collection.

  3. Tim - I will send an email your way later.

    Fuji - Thanks. I found myself more dedicated to the other sections anyways. My big mailday recently was just a lot of stuff I hadn't shared yet.

    It sucks to move on from that, as I had collected him since 2006....but I wasn't a die hard or anything.