20 August 2010

A New Life for the Blog takes it in a New Direction

So, life has been hectic lately. Well, not lately lately, but like, three weeks ago lately. As of the nearer lately, life has been mellow and slow.

How does that explain my lack of posts? Easy: lack of motivation, lack of desire and, for about a week plus, lack of internet. Not to mention, I am not all warm and gooey over baseball cards right now (but I am branching out into basketball now too).

So what is this new life and new direction mean and going to be? Instead of talking about baseball cards and baseball about oh, I don't know, 90% of the time, I am going to focus 100% of my attention on the 3 major sports and the fantasy games we play with them.

I thought I would be falling away from fantasy sports while deployed, but I have found myself being pulled CLOSER to fantasy sports as something that keeps me sane (and in touch with friends and family).

I find myself tweeting again and wanting to blog again too.  I feel like if I write while I am out here and deployed, it might make the time easier to tolerate and move by more quickly.

Who knows. Anyways, I already have a couple of posts in mind, so look for some late season baseball advice and some pre-season football advice real soon.

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