25 November 2009

Testin, testing....is this thing on?

So, it has been just over a month since my last post. My passion kind of got jumbled into the real world, having only one computer and all (plus Madden 2010, college football and...little to no money).

But, I have dug deep down, into my heart and realized I need to get my two passions out: sports and writing. Everything about sports, from the games to the players to the records to video games, memorabilia and cards. I have always enjoyed writing and thought I was passionate about it and now I am trying to re-ignite that passion and develop a readership with anyone who still drops in and really get personal.

I plan on posting more of my pickups, trades and sales. Plus, my own opinions on players, teams, records, achievements, news and everything else that encompasses the sport I love the most, Baseball, with a little side sprinkling of college football, college basketball, the NBA and the NFL (maybe an NHL mention or two....but I don't wanna bog this thing down).

I plan on knocking out three or four posts over the holiday weekend (like a lengthy one tonight that will be a mail week post, plus some blings and grumblings), so if you are reading out there, keep an eye out.

Plus, I plan on running a contest this weekend, to give away an auto or two, some game used and some inserts, so start spreading the word.

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