27 November 2009

The Ginormous Balk Four Cardboard Contest!!!!!!!

As promised, we here (well, me here) at Balk Four have decided to have our first ever contest.

The exact parameters of the contest will be secret for now, but I need to make sure and drum up enough interest in the contest to make it worth my while.

A few rules on the contest:

1. You MUST be a follower of the blog. With my new found commitment to the blog, I would like more people reading it, so as to encourage more interaction and feedback from the sports card blogosphere.

2. You must collect cards. Of all kinds. It can be one sport, one brand, one team or one player. But there will be a ton of randomness going on, so all prizes will not contain only one sport.

3. You gotta be active with the contest. It will span a matter of weeks and will include multiple opportunities to gain points.

4. Yes, this will be a points based contest. There will be some trivia, some games, maybe a limerick or two...and score will be kept.

5. I'm gonna need you to have fun and enjoy yourself with it. There will be a limited number of prizes given out, but EVERYONE is encouraged to participate. Who knows, maybe everyone will get something ;)

Now, as for prizes, I will give a small preview of some of the things that will be given away (this will be a sample of the baseball cards being given away):

Plus, there will be quitet he assortment of basketball, football, oddball and maybe a little hockey mixed in.

All you have to do to enter is: 1) Follow the blog. Who knows, maybe you will enjoy the content. 2) Post a comment with your name, favorite baseball team and some random baseball trivia. 3) Prepare yourself to have a little fun ;)

I will iron outall the details of the contest over the weekend and should have the first contest post up sometime in the beginning of next week. Feel free to spread the word on the contest. The more people that participate, the better the prizes will be (and, potentially, the more prizes available).

Thanks everyone, keep an eye out for more details.


  1. Okay I will enter!

    Name: Tim aka SpastikMooss
    Favorite Baseball Team: Red Sox
    Random Baseball Trivia: Fred McGriff finished his career with as many career homeruns as Lou Gehrig

  2. Name: Marck aka Troll
    Fav Team-Rays
    Random Trivia-Zoilo Versalles won the MVP in 65 and is the MVP with the fewest career win shares to win the award...Great contest idea, I look forward to how it plays out... Keep up the great work!

  3. Name: Steve aka White Sox Cards
    Favorite Baseball Team: White Sox
    Random Baseball Trivia: Harold Baines is the only retired player not elected to the Hall of Fame who is in the top 30 in career RBI that hasn't been tainted in a steroid related allegation, of those who are eligible to be elected.

  4. Name: Mark of Mark's Ephemera

    Favorite Baseball Team: Dodgers (you pick the location)

    Random Baseball Trivia: Ernie Shore's perfect game in 1917 was started by Babe Ruth on the mound. Ruth was ejected after walking the first batter. Shore was recruited and retired the next 26 batters. The runner was thrown out trying to steal.

  5. Thanks for signing up so far guys.

    Continue to spread the word, I would like at least 10 people to participate, so as to send out some great prizes :D

  6. Hey, great blog! Count me in...
    Crazy Canuck dude
    Da Braves
    Did you know Mike Lum pf the Braves is the only player to ever have pinch hit for Hank Aaron...

  7. Weee! A contest!

    Name: Greg, but folks call me Night Owl.

    Team: Dodgers. Is there any other?

    Trivia: Mets pitcher Nelson Figueroa is the only current major leaguer to have all five vowels in his last name.

  8. I'm in.

    Name: Sean from Condition:Poor
    Team: N.Y. Metropolitains

    Fact: If Robin Ventura's "Grand Slam Single" had been ruled a real Grand Slam, he would've overtaken Willie McCovey for most career Grand Slams in the National League.

  9. Guys, great trivia bits.

    Please check your emails, as I will be having a post with everything concerning the contest up soon.

  10. Name: Chris (aka Nachos) from Nachos Grande
    Team: Cincinnati Reds
    Random Trivia: Cincinnati hosted the first professional night baseball game.