01 December 2009

The GBFCBC Details

Well, we almost got 10 people in for the whole shebang. Still, the group has doubled since I originally posted the contest, so that's not to shabby.

Now, onto the nitty gritty.

The contest will run for about 8 weeks long, with 3 weekly mini games and the two long standing mini games. I have already emailed all the current contestants, just to bring a heads up about this post and to make everyone aware that the first game does indeed start on Wednesday. The contest will run from December 2nd until February 2nd, giving everyone plenty of time to rack up points. The winners will be announced the first weekend of February.

Every week there will be two types of games, but one of the games will be played twice: baseball trivia (played twice) and NFL pick'em. As I mentioned in the email, I like to get other sports involved in my contests.

The baseball trivia will be hosted on an external site and will be played on Monday's and Friday's. It will consist of 10 questions of ranging difficulty about the game of baseball.

-- 10 points per correct answer
-- Bonus points will be awarded for strings of correct answers: 4 in a row = 30 points, 5 = 50, 6 = 75, 7 = 120, 8 = 150, 9 = 200, 10 = 500.

Now, for the NFL Pick'em. I could just let everyone pick the winners of every Sunday game and then let it be.....but that would be too easy. Instead, I will choose who I think will win the games and everyone will be competing against me to score more points.

-- Everyone starts out with 50 points
-- You get +10 points for every correct prediction MORE then me (Ex: I guess 6 right, you guess 8, you get 50 +20, for getting 2 more right then I did)
-- On the opposite spectrum, you get -10 for every wrong prediction MORE then me (Ex: I guess 9, you gues....you get the picture I presume)

Now, for the two long standing games: College Football Bowl Pick'em and Free Agent Signing Predictions:

Free Agent Signing Predictions: Only for the two months extending from Dec 2nd through February 2nd. I will email everyone a list of 25 free agents and you must predict the team they sign with.

-- 10 points per correct prediction
-- Bonus points at: 5 correct = 40 pts, 10 = 80, 15 = 120, 20 = 175, 25 = 300

College Football Bowl Pick'em: After the bowl selection this weekend, each contestant will email me their picks for the winners of each game. For each game, confidence points will be assigned to each prediction, from 1-10 points. If the team you predict to win does in fact win, you get that many points. If they lose, you lose that many points. More on this will be explained in the email.

At the end of the eight week period, we shall crown the first annual GBFCBC King.

Be sure to check every Monday, Wednesday and Friday for the games and constantly keep an eye on the scoreboard. At the top of the blog, I will keep a post with a link to the trivia contest and rules explaining how to enter.

Any questions or comments, just drop me a line.

Good Luck!!!

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  1. Hey, how do I join the contest?...late, of course. I love trivia.