01 February 2010

2010 Fantasy Baseball Top 20 Players : 11 - 20

Here for the second half of our top 20 fantasy players for 2010.

If you didn't see the first ten, go ahead and look over HERE.

#11 - Ryan Howard - 1B - PHI - A guarantee to hit 40 or more home runs and drive in 120 or more RBI's, his power production is one of the most predictable in the game. If you can live with the average (or surround him with high average players) Howard is a FANTASTIC late 1st rd or early 2nd rd pick.
#12 - Joe Mauer - C - MIN - The absolute elite at the thinnest fantasy position, Mauer's power production last season seemingly came out of nowhere. I am not so high on his power this season (thanks to the new outdoor stadium), but he should still hit for .350 plus with 20 or so homers and ample runs and rbi's. Will easily end as a top fantasy player and #1 in the catcher rankings for a second consecutive season.
#13 - Ian Kinsler - 2B - TEX - Who doesn't love a 2B with 30/30 potential? Hell, he may have enough power potential to go 40/40, if he could ever stay healthy for an entire season, which is the only knock against Kinsler. Playing in Arlington with that powerful lineup surrounding him, you can expect another great season from second baseman #1B.
#14 - Justin Upton - OF - ARI - At the ripe old age of 22, J-Up went for a .300+, 26/20 season....with the potential for much, MUCH more. so long as the injury he suffered last season is only a fluke injury, you could be looking at the next in a long line of great fantasy outfielders.
#15 - Mark Teixera - 1B - NYY - The dearth of viable 1B continues here with the Yanks starting first sacker. One of the most consistent bats, Tex's game really stepped it up when ARod came off of the disabled list last season. With a full year of ARod and new CF Curtis Granderson in the mix, Tex may well put his finest statistical season of his career this year.
#16 - Mark Reynolds - 3B - ARI - 200 strikeouts aside, where else can you find a corner infielder with 40 homer power and the speed to steal 20 plus bags? Nowhere, that's where. The power has always been there for Reynolds and it seems as if he will be given the green light on the base paths. With Upton healthy for an entire season, I see his numbers rising slightly in the runs and RBI department and possibly on the base paths as well.
#17 - Carl Crawford - OF - TB - The surest bet to get you 10 or more home runs and 46 plus stolen bases, Crawford is an on base machine who will once again reside atop the Rays lineup. With Longoria, Ben Zobrist, a healthy BJ Upton, Carlos Pena and a few others chipping in, we should see another stereotypical top 20 fantasy season from Crawford again this year.
#18 - Zack Greinke - SP - KC - The reigning AL Cy Young is my #2 pitcher off the board. I personally don't like taking a pitcher before round 5, but if I had to, you can't go wrong with Greinke. He has always had the talent and the last two seasons he has finally shown just how great a pitcher he can be. Look for a possible bump in wins if the bullpen and offense can provide him with a few leads and then go on to protect them.
#19 - Matt Holliday - OF - STL - Pretty easy being the guy who hits right behind Pujols, huh? With the on base machine batting ahead of him, Holliday should see plenty of good pitches and have a ton of RBI opportunities. You just gotta hope the guys behind Holliday can get him across the plate 100 times or so.
#20 - Troy Tulowitzki - SS - COL - Tulo proved that 2008 was indeed an anomaly in his career by showing he is one of the 3 best shortstops in all of baseball. This shortstop thinning out as the years go by, there are very limited resources to be had. After the first 5 or so, the skill level tends to drop off pretty dramatically. So if you can't land Hanley, go for the next best thing in Tulowitzki. If he can continue to steal 20 or more bags, he may net you a bigger return then any #20 pick should.

Well, that's my pre-spring training top 20 right there. In the future I will get my overall top 100 up (with little commentary) plus some prospects to keep an eye on.

Also, if anyone else out there still has interest in my fantasy league, I still have two spots open. The sooner those two spots are filled, the sooner we can start to plan the draft.

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