14 February 2010

Chasin an endless dream........or set......

After one of my most recent eBay wins, I will be adding 3 more cards to one of my player collections. The set these cards are coming from? 1998 Topps Tek.

Luckily, I only collect one player in the set (Richard Hidalgo). Unluckily, there are 90 variations of the one card he has in the set, plus diffractors (which are glorified refractors....just much cooler) for each one of those variations.

What's that mean? To finish my player collection "set" within this set, I will need to locate a total of ONE HUNDRED & EIGHTY cards. Yes, 1. 8. 0. That would be more than half of the total number of Hidalgo cards I currently have in my possession.

Am I crazy for even thinking I can complete this? Probably. The set is now 12 years old and Hidalgo really only had one superstar season and, outside of Texas and New York, not many people have a lasting impression of the player.

So I am sending out a request to all of my fellow bloggers, if you can find other variations of this card, please let me know, as I would like to finish this set in the next ten years or so (I currently have #'s 29, 45, 59, 85, 86 & 87).

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  1. Anthony,
    I just wanted to check to see if you ever recieved my package from our trade we made a few months ago. I know you are very busy beign in the military and all, hwich by the way, I must say thank you for serving our country, but just wanted to get an update on our trade, I know it;s been awhile. Thanks and you cna email me here: cubsareawesome5@aol.com