08 February 2010

The New Year has officially started....

and it is time to prepare for baseball season.

The NFL went out with a bang (Congrats to Drew Brees and The New Orleans Who Dat's) and had one heck of a ride for the entire season, but their time is over. Basketball season is in swing and all 9 of the remaining fans are thoroughly enjoying it. As for hockey, well, uh, they still play in Canada, right?

With pitchers and catchers reporting soon, fantasy baseball leagues starting and  prediction posts coming out of the woodwork, it smells like fresh cut grass and ballpark popcorn (even if it looks like snow and rain outside).

I wish I could say I optimistically look forward to this season, but I regret to say I cannot. As an Astros fan, until some of the bloated contracts are moved, the team improves at a multitude of positions (C, SS, 2B, 3B, SP #3-5 and the bullpen) and the farm system is revamped, all I have to look forward to is an All Star outfield and Roy Oswalt plugging along, season after season.

I also get to look forward to seeing the Astros finish ahead of the Pirates...and nobody else in the Central.

Cardinals fans, enjoy your time at the top (of the NL Central). In two years or so, the Astros will be rearing to go, with a team full of youth and talent (with the occasional free agent thrown in), ready to take back the NL Central and compete with the best of the best.

Until then, enjoy facing Brian Moehler, Felipe Paulino and Brett Myers.

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