12 February 2010

Just a little love for my personal collection website....

Well, I have been neglecting my personal collection website for some time now. It has complete lists of my Richard Hidalgo, Javier Vazquez and Hunter Pence collections (soon to be added are the Roy Oswalt and Bob Gibson sections), not to mention the complete list of cards needed by me to complete the 2008 Topps base set.

If you feel like checking it out, here's a little link: Anthony's Personal Collection Website.

Hopefully you stop by and realize you have something I need and we can work out a trade to help me land it for my collection.

In other news, look for more posts over the weekend, as the wife and I have no major Valentine's plans (I hate the holiday....really, Hallmark made it up and is reaping the benefits), so I plan on knocking out a few days (or even weeks) worth of posts, with all the stuff I have running through my head.

And, if you are wondering where I have been, my internet connection was down for nearly three days, which feels like about a month if you rely on the internet as much as I have to (news, weather, sports, talking to family). Being stationed overseas makes it tough to stay up to the minute on everything I could in the states, primarily because of the time difference and the lack of channel choices with the local "cable" selection.

I hope to get my scanner up and running tonight or Saturday, as I have a bevy of cards to scan (like, the official start of my Bob Gibson collection and some prize loot), plus a random assortment of cards I just feel like talking about (that's what this blog is primarily supposed to be about anyways).

Plus, I will be doing some retooling, to make it easier to navigate and locate things around here, like my tradelist, wantlist, checklist, website and the like.

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  1. Anthony - We have *plenty* of 2008 Topps for you. Do you still need cards for the set?