11 April 2010

Balk Four: Card Bloggers Unite Fantasy League: Team Update #1

 We are not even one complete week into the season and changes are abound on my fantasy baseball team.

That behemoth you see above (see: Votto, Joey) has recently joined the Balk Four headquarters in the second trade of the early season.

I trade Roy Halladay, Gavin Floyd and Ryan Ludwick for Votto, Alexei Ramirez and Scott Baker. I have a plethora of #1 type SP and needed an offensive boost, which this definitely gives me (Votto is a top 25 player in our setup).

Not to mention I have a few offers being bounced around, trying to improve my team just a little bit more.

Also, I head into this week's final day tied with Gonna Get Bipped, 6 categories a piece. So wish me luck in knocking in 5 or so RBI and scoring about the same amount of runs.

I will be updating my sidebar once again and will include this team plus a few other things in that sidebar (it will include a new wantlist, new trade list and a few of my favorite sites to check out). I got another post in me, but that will be reserved for later (probably during the waning hours of the Masters).


  1. I loved our trade...I had a 1B logjam, you had a SP logjam...all is now well. Good luck with Votto - I went to yesterday's game and he looks great at the plate!

  2. Speaking of logjams, I have 8 outfielders...anyone wants some outfielders? Please?