16 April 2010

Off Topic: Video Blogging -- Yay or Nay?

So, i've been kicking the tires on starting a a video blogging "series" if you will.

I know many out there in the sports card blogging community have used video blogs for box breaks, mail days, random.org randomizations, uh, "rap" videos and general shout outs, but has anyone thought about just doing once or twice a week video blogs to discuss the random goings on in the hobby (and sports) world?

I know I will be working on a mail day video later tonight, primarily to see if I have what it takes to make a video blog and to see what needs to go into a good video blog.

My question is though -- would you be willing to sit and watch a video blog instead of reading a post, even just once a week or would you prefer to read about what someone has to say instead?


  1. I prefer to read. What if your voice is annoying? From then on not only will I not watch your videos but every time I read your blog I will hear you in my head.

  2. Mooss, I knew I could depend on you ;) I actually may come your way in the future for a little joint venture I have in mind.

    To anyone else who reads these comments, welcome my wife, who popped her comment cherry on my blog.

  3. videos are fine, once in awhile... the big prob is that there are a lot of sportscard blogs out there... and I just don't have the time to watch everyone's videos.
    But a once a week thing is fine.

    But, um, yeah, if your voice is annoying... maybe not so much.

  4. Time is the major issue. Unless you have the most entertaining video show out there, it's not something that's going to draw my interest. When I go through my list of blogs each day and see that there is a video post on one of them, I almost sigh. I just don't have the time with the number of blogs that I read.