17 April 2010

Where's my Esquisite Auto Redemption?!?!?!?!?

Apparently, it's still at the Upper Deck headquarters, waiting to be fulfilled.

Wait just a minute, you say, why is it still waiting to be fulfilled?

Well, because no one signs for free silly.

According to an article in the New York Times, Upper Deck, surprise, surprise, is behind on payments to a large amount of Major League Baseball players. The Times received an email, that was sent by the Player's Unions director of trading cards and collectibles, Evan Kaplan and broke the story.

Kaplan has advised players not to send back signed cards (i'm guessing they are just stickers, let's not give Upper Deck too much credit right now) until they receive the proper compensation due to them.

It seems that Upper Deck continues to get itself further and further up the creek without a paddle, when you add this to the lawsuit over trademark infringement (thanks to Topps exclusivity in MLB), being sued by Konami over gaming cards and the announced layoffs of over 100 people in June.

Honestly, though I haven't liked many of Upper Deck's products the past few years, all of this does upset me a little bit. Back in 1989, when Upper Deck was new to the collecting world it brought new people in and made Ken Griffey, Jr. the FACE of the hobby.

Now, Upper Deck is the face of the hobby...except it is leaving the hobby with a black eye on that face.

Salutations Upper Deck, I hope we don't see you on the corner, asking for change.


  1. I would imagine it's probably chillin next to my Entomology redemption in the "fuck collectors" pile that Upper Deck has at their Carlsbad Headquarters.

    Pardon my potty mouth.

  2. Bankruptcy is right around the corner and only the collectors will get screwed.

  3. Dammit Beardy!!! Such foul mouthed buffoonery is not FUCKING allowed around the Balk Four Headquarters, ok?

    John -- Indeed, we will be the only ones getting screwed.....well, plus the 100 plus they plan on laying off in June.

    What kind of job can you get with Upper Deck on your resume? Think Press Pass or Tristar will touch you? I know Razor only goes after Donruss employees....