13 April 2010

Twitter, Blog Bat Around & the Topps Blog

You know, sitting down in front of your laptop and watching a baseball game (Twins vs Red Sox at the new Target Field and now White Sox at Blue Jays), makes it really easy to tweet a lot of nonsense and get involved in a few things around the hobby.

Like scanning a lot of cards and posting new trade bait.

Or, getting the chance to participate in a "state of the hobby" round table with 12 other bloggers that will be featured on the Topps Blog. Thanks to following the @toppscards account on Twitter, I have that opportunity. The Topps guy who runs the Twitter account (Mike Mader) has emailed all 13 of the bloggers who will be participating and wants to see what WE want to discuss, before letting us know the topic at hand.

I have already emailed him a few topics I have in mind, but what about the rest of us? Anyone have anything they would like discussed by various members of our hobby community? If so, just email me (anicolausk@yahoo.com) or post a comment and when I wake up in the morning I will send another email out to Mike.

As for the Blog Bat Around, Gellman over at SportsCardsUncensored is hosting the first of what will hopefully be many BBA's of the young season here. Check it out and participate. Not only is it great to see what everyone else has to say, it can also help out with some readership as well ;)

Anyways, I look forward to the emails or comments (if I get any) and hope to see as many of my followers (all 35 of you) participate in the BBA.

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