07 April 2010

Balk Four: The Pre Season 2010 Card Bloggers Unite Fantasy Baseball Champions

Well, at least around the Balk Four headquarters, that's what the press is saying.

The draft was supposed to be live, but instead ended up being a slow, offline draft that I was highly unavailable for (primarily because of the time difference being in Germany and all), but I am, well, slightly happy with the results.

Outside of an irregular pick (the early "rules" for missing a pick were abandoned later in the draft, pretty much screwing over a few people....but nothing we can't move on from), my pitching is stacked and my offense is power heavy.

C- Geovany Soto
1B- Mark Reynolds
2B- Rickie Weeks
3B- David Wright
SS- Hanley Ramirez
OF-Jayson Werth
OF- Torii Hunter
OF- Johnny Damon
UTIL- Jay Bruce
B- Ryan Ludwick
DL- Lance Berkman

SP- Roy Halladay
SP- Dan Haren
SP- Ubaldo Jimenez
RP- Heath Bell
RP- Bobby Jenks
P- Josh Johnson
P- Cole Hamels
P- Matt Thornton
P- Jose Mijares
B- Randy Wells
B- Gavin Floyd
B- Jorge De La Rosa
B- Mike Adams

It's a 6x6 head to head league (counting stats are R, HR, RBI, SB, H, OBP x W, SV, K, HLD, ERA, OBPA), so it is a little different than your primary, 5x5, run of the mill leagues....but fun nonetheless.

The only thing I really plan on doing with the team is trading some of my excess pitching for another multi-category outfield producer (probably combine a SP with an OF for an upgrade at the position).

Feel free to give any advice you'd like, if you think you can help, I am always willing to accept a little outside help.

Look for my season predictions in my next post (uh, yeah, I know, a day or two late....but 2 days do not a season make).


  1. I'm rooting hard for anyone who missed a pick. Also I want your Gavin Floyd...feel free to offer me a deal!

  2. I missed a pick. And now have Drew Stubbs.

  3. Tim- Trade offer sent ;)

    Roy- Um, throw me an offer involving Stubbs...i'm a huge fan of his.

    PatP- Yeah, it was pretty crazy. Still upset I was drafted Halladay in the second (and the stupid, lowest ranked person by yahoo in the 5th).