22 April 2010

When a Volcano explodes.....

Now, I understand hundreds of thousands of people were/are stranded and over a billion dollars was lost in the air line and produce industry, but this fucking volcano is costing me my damn mail days.

I'm not just talking cards, either. DVD's, books, my Nike+ running tracker...a whole boat load of stuff.

But the reason you are all here: baseball cards.

I have around TWENTY auctions I won before the volcanic auction that are lost somewhere between New Jersey, New York and the German side of the Atlantic.

What does this create? One pissed off blogger. Now, none of these cards are super rare or crazy expensive (I hardly collect anything expensive anyways), but they are cards I wanted to add to my collection. It's tough going an entire week with NOTHING in my mailbox.

Hell, i'd give my left thumb for a bill, spam mail, fuck, someone ELSE's mail.

Is that really asking too much? I mean, Air France for god's sake got a plane up in the air, through the smoke and onto the other side -- with no damage. So why can't British Airways, American Airlines or someone get a damn bird in the sky and give me my damn mail?

Alright, ok, i've got that out of my system.

Maybe I should end this on a good note, no? I won this last night, my third 1/1 in the past two months of Hidalgo:

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  1. Such language from such a pretty face. It does suck the no mail thing. I want my freakin old navy order to get here.