13 April 2010

Will you be the end of the chase?

I have finished roughly 75% of my first set attempt, 2008 Topps. I need your help, my blogger faithful. I am coming up empty in trades on the few message boards I frequent and I REFUSE to buy what I need from eBay (I prefer to trade for the cards/receive gifts over paying, it makes it feel like more of an accomplishment).

This is what I need for Series 1 and Series 2:

Series 1:

Series 2:

Here's the deal, I am trading inserts (I can get you a list) 1 for 5 and I will trade game used 1 for 15 and, if you got a particularly enticing amount of cards I need for the set, I am willing to trade an auto for base cards.

Just shoot me and email with what you got and we can work out a trade (if you have 15 or more, feel free to take a gander at my trade post from yesterday and let me know what game used you like).

EDIT #1: I have updated the list based off of an email I have received detailing a trade for some of the set.


  1. Give me a couple of days to go through my box and I'll just give you what I can. This was the first set I put together after returning to the hobby and I bought way too much of the stuff. I'll let you know.

  2. gritz76 - Thanks, just shoot me an email when you are ready :D