06 May 2010

When work gets in the way of fun......

Who would have thought it would be so tough to find just a little bit of time to knock out a well thought out, thought provoking, interesting, knowledgeable post, while also being a part of the Army?

One person I know: This Guy.

I eventually knew it was going to get crazy around the Balk Four Headquarters and it did. For the last two to three weeks, work has been starting early and ending late. I rarely have internet time and have even less time to blog.....which sucks.

Today, I just caught a break. Wet, cold weather coupled with going to a German firing range (and earning an award, but more on that later) meant a short day at work today, which means I have time to blog :) (that, plus the wife and boy are talking to Grammy and the wife is watching America's Next Top Model).

Anyways, since my lat post about the volcanic activity and the disruption in my life it has caused, the one card pictured, hasn't arrived (I mean, seriously, two plus weeks eBay seller, really? I bought something LAST week and received it yesterday, get it together). What has arrived, though, was many, MANY packages, including a few 1/1's.

Without further ado (well, some ado after the photos) my mailweeks, in pictures:

 Ok, obviously that is only 7 pictures, probably a lot less then you expected. Well, that's less than I expected too. I haven't had a chance to scan anything yet, so eBay pictures had to do and many of my ended auctions had the pictures already pulled. My bad.

I also won a 52 card lot of Jeff Bagwell, had a 200 card order from Sportlots and FINALLY received my Nike+ Running Device, so I can finally track my workouts better.

On a sad note, I am slowly but surely, selling off everything in my Hunter Pence collection besides the Blue Refractor auto and the base and inserts. All of the autos have been sold and all but like 3 game used are gone as well. It has become terribly tough to collect four players and a team, so I decided to focus on the team and three other players. It was a tough decision to make and even tougher to list the auctions (especially since almost all sold for way too little), but it was a decision that had to be made.

On the positive side: My family and I headed down to a resort in the Alps of Germany last weekend for a marriage retreat, which is really a "free trip to the alps with three hours of suggestions on how to further enrich your marriage". This is the second time we have gone and it was more expensive this time than last. Why, you ask? Well, my 25th birthday was last weekend, so we went out for drinks that weekend. For my wife, that was the first time in THREE years she has been able to go out and drink over night, without being A) Pregnant or B) home by 11. I went out the night before (Friday) with a couple of buddies and had a great time as well. Got pretty drunk (hey, it's been awhile and I am still young), had a German band sing Happy Birthday to me in English and woke up without a hang over. As for Saturday, my wife and I went out with the supply sergeant of my troop and his wife and hit up a few Irish pubs. We started out the night with Black Irish Russians and ended the night drinking Irish Whiskey (Paddy's Irish Whiskey to be correct, can't find it in the states, but you can get a few companies in England to mail it to you.....it's worth the extra money, believe it).

Other than that, we have been packing for deployment, going to ranges (all kinds of cool shit, M4, M249 SAW, MK19, M2 .50 Cal Machine Gun, a new gun the M320) and today I went to a German post (our sister company in Germany) and had the chance to fire three of their weapons in the schutesenschneres and earn a Bronze badge, which is awesome. What makes it better is, in the two plus years I have been in Germany, my troop has only sent FOURTEEN people, so I was extremely happy to have been chosen to go.

Ok, wow, that was a TON of words. Anyways, i'm hoping to be back in the blogging game (and active on Twitter, because I have block leave soon, plus things are finally starting to slowdown at work, so I should have plenty of more time to get back into the swing.

Thanks for reading guys, sorry for so many words.

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