27 January 2010

Anyone interested in joining a fantasy baseball league?

I usually run one league a year, so this year will be no different....except for the site I use and the overall make up of the league.

I will also be using a new-ish website to run the league, that allows for more freedom and ability to be creative in my league.

Basic setup nonsense:

14 Teams
25 active players, unlimited bench spots
7 man minor league roster
6x6 Roto scoring (H, R, HR, RBI, SB, OPS x SV, HLD,  ERA, WHIP, K, QS)
August 31 Trade Deadline
Dynasty League....keep as many or as little players as you want from season to season

And, best of all, it's FREE!!! That's probably the best 4 letter word in the ENTIRE English language (even better than l-o-v-e and f-u-....well, you can figure that one out).

Also, there will be a prize, on my dime. Not sure what it will be yet, but I am sure the winner of the league will be pretty damn happy with what they win.

So, if any of you bloggers out there decide you want to hop in the fantasy arena with a fellow blogger, email me or drop a comment on me and I will get a link out to ya, so you can join.


  1. I would love to join a league. By the way, I don't have anyone to trade Astros to yet. Would you be interested in becoming that person?

    budbareither at gmail dotcom

  2. You said you would join my league yesteday so I'll join yours today.

    I also need a Astro trade partner. I think I e-mailed you a while back but dropped the ball. Give me your address and I will get a package of Astros to you.

  3. well a non yahoo league...I am in. Time to try something different and i need a dynasty league to be in. Plus you have a medium sized league....yea i consider 14 medium...I usually play in 20 team leagues...2 of which draft over 30 players per team.

    Oh I think I have an extra 2008 Ginter extended mini of Hunter Pence...would that be something you would be interested in?


  4. Bud- I will get an invite sent your way. And I would LOVE to be your Astros trading partner, as I can never get enough of them. Let me snoop around your blog so I can figure out what to send you :D

    Adam- Sounds great....on both parts. I will send you an email invite and I could be your Astros trading partner as well :D

    duane- I actually might like this site I am using over yahoo....ok, well, I don't, but I prefer it for bigger leagues. the Pence is definitely something I would be interested in. I will email you an invite.

  5. I am interested in joining the league-when is the draft?

    Also, I have 60 (just counted) 2008 Topps baseball cards-mainly commons, and two Tennessee Titans' cards: 1. Lendale White, 2008 Upper Deck Draft Edition # 197 and Lavelle Hawkins, 2008 Upper Deck Draft Edition #62 (shows him in collegiate uniform at Cal). I also got a couple Nolan Ryan Astros' cards, a Roy Oswalt 2005 Donruss and a couple Jeff Bagwells, including a 1994 Fleer Team Leaders subset card.

    Let me know if you're interested in the cards.


  6. I'd be interested as well. Let me know if you have space for the league!

  7. Brad-- Email invite sent for the league. I will email you later and let you know if I need the cards, thanks.

    Pop Startled-- I just need your email address and I can put you on the waiting list. I still need about 5 people to either join or back out and then I ca nsart inviting more, thanks.