13 January 2010

Baseball Tonight is back!!!!

Baseball Tonight is FINALLY back, which means we are inching closer and closer to baseball season.

I am 100% excited about this, as baseball keeps me going year round. And since I will be deploying to Afghanistan this summer, baseball is a great deflector of what is going on when you are deployed.

Not to mention....it means fantasy baseball will soon be in high gear :D

Heck, I even have my first fantasy mock draft tonight.

Just letting anyone know, who didn't already, the greatest show in sports television is back on ;)

(A side note: I do not get MLB TV out here, so I have not seen their round the clock MLB show that plays during games from the beginning to the end, so I do not know how good that show is...yet.)


  1. If you got the MLB network, Baseball Tonight wouldn't be nearly as exciting. I rarely watch ESPN anymore because of the MLB network. But prior to that, I was as glued to Baseball Tonight as you are.

  2. That's what I hear.

    I would annoint the show on MLB TV (I am sure I will about a year and a half from now), but all I got is BT.

    Gonna hate not having Peter Gammons around now though :(

  3. Baseball Tonight was my favorite show for years and years so I totally hear ya (before I got MLB Network).

    MLB Network is after all...a whole network devoted to baseball. It better be better or else it would be a gigantic failure.

    BT will always be cool.