12 January 2010

McGwire finally admits to steroid usage....

And in other news....well, this is the news.

I am sure if you are reading this blog, you already know about this (I doubt you hit my blog before any other site), but I figured I would bring it to our little world.

What's this mean for his cards? Probably not much. anyone with an IQ higher than that of a carrots knew he was using steroids, we just didn't care. When the magic of '98 happened, it rid of us the pain and misery brought forth by the strike of '94.

It comes as no surprise he finally admitted it though. Being the hitting coach for the Cardinals this season was sure to bring a lot of attention his way, so why not get the biggest distraction out of the way before pitchers and catchers report?

No more "No Comments" or straight up denials. Just the facts: Mark McGwire used steroids.

The big question is, will his admittal convince the HoF voters to let him in the Hall in the near future? He had a paltry display for votes this year and one has to think he has a place in the Hall in the back of his mind. Why not bring a little attention to the situation, show that you feel bad about lying and then move forward as the poster boy for those superstars (that are retired) that used and lied? He was always a fan (and media) darling, so he had nothing to lose and everything to gain by coming clean.

If you had a ballot for the Hall of Fame (say, class of 2011), would his admittance of steroid use push you to vote for him (if you wouldn't have before) or does it change nothing (if you wouldn't have voted him in)?


  1. I don't think it changes a thing for the Hall of Fame ballots. People are leaving him off the ballot because they believe he took steroids, not because he wouldn't talk about whether he took them or not.

    A few people may change their vote now, but not enough to matter.

  2. McGwire is a Hall of Famer and his 1985 Topps card is one of the best 10 cards from the 1980s. The Baseball Writers have a power complex, they hold the power to determine if a player is a hall of famer or not. It is the politics of the hall and the illusion of power.

  3. I would vote for him. While steroids increase durability, recoverablitly and strength they do not improve your ability to hit or throw. There have been cheaters in baseball since the birth of baseball from sharpening cleats, altering balls by pitchers, corking bats and taking uppers (which where in jars in the clubhouse). All of these increased performance. Everyone knows Gaylord Perry altered baseballs and he is thought of as a quaint oldtimer and is in the hall of fame. Make some decaration of the steroid era so people can make their own decision where to rank players form that era.

  4. Night Owl-- I agree I don't think it changes any minds.

    John-- Based on fame, yes, he belongs in. But, he was a one dimensional player who wasn't very good at anything other than walking to first and hitting homers.

    Anon-- I agree ALL legendary players should be in. Bonds, Palmeiro, McGwire, Clemens, all steroid allegated GREAT players, Joe Jackson AND Pete Rose. The Hall of Fame showcases the history of the game and represents the greats of the game. So Pete Rose gambled, oh well. People need to know about the all time hit king.