24 January 2010

Red Bull...It gives you wiiiiiiiiiiiings.....

Jesus, I forgot just what a red bull really does to your system.

Here I am at 2 am, wide awake and bored. So what better to do than update my blog after a 11 day hiatus?

I got some pretty sweet stuff in the mail and I am going to steal the eBay pictures from those auctions to show them off:

I know i've shown this off before, but it helps me complete one of my 2010 goals, so I am showing it off again.

Not the Gibson auto I wanted, but for the price and the set, I have no complaints:

 Knocked off one of my top 10 most wanted cards and it is probably the cheapest of the bunch:

For my Javier Vazquez PC, another nice DK insert and lower numbered parallel (numbered out of 50).

This card contains two things all of my favorite inserts have: it's die cut and serial numbered. For the Hidalgo PC, which has really been picking up as of late.

What else has been going on, huh?

Let's see, 2010 Topps has come out in select Targets and the initial reaction to the design, insert sets and overall appeal of the set is pretty diverse. Most dislike the font used for the team names and would prefer just the team logo. Others like the base set but don't like the new insert sets. No one really knows what to expect with the Million Cad giveaway redemptions, but everyone wants to redeem something sweet if they get one.

Donruss Elite Extra dropped and it may be the best looking one since Donruss lost their license. The first Albert Pujols auto from the set hit eBay and sold for $555.55....truely an anomaly, but quite the random number, no? It seems there have been many more hot boxes this year then in years past, but no one is complaining.

A top Oakland Athletics minor league decides to leave the game prematurely, to join the clergy and follow his heart. Opinions are split on this. On one hand, A's fans and baseball prospectors are perturbed, as he was a top 10 farm hand in Oakland...and we all know how well most players in that system fare (pretty damn well). On the other hand (that would be your left hand), many people are praising him for the move, for following his heart. A few people have compared it o what Pat Tillman did (if you don't know the story, Tillman was an NFL player and "retired" early, joined the Army, became an Army Ranger and then was killed by friendly fire; became one big, ugly story before all was said and done).

2010 Bowman Jumbo boxes/cases will be a much better bet to bring you back your money as they provide 2 times as many autos as regular Bowman boxes/cases, therefore causing more people to buy the Jumbo cases as opposed to the regular cases.

As for things in my personal life, the University of Texas Longhorns men's basketball team lost their first game of the season earlier in the week, I filed my taxes and found out I am getting a very LARGE sum back and I also found out I will be getting promoted from a PFC (E-3) to a SPC (E-4) next month. So hooray me!!!

I have a few more posts bottled up in me, but I will be typing them up and having them pop up over the next couple of days.

I will also be doing a little refreshing of my sidebar and starting a blogs 'o' the week tomorrow.


  1. Anthony,

    Congrats on the promotion. The other UT
    (Vols) lost their third game of the season.

    Glad to see that you're back with us in blogland.

  2. I have to agree with you on the Topps 2010 design. I haven't got a chance to get my hands on any yet as I live in the middle of nowwhere Alaska and the full release isn't until next week, but looking at the stuff already out there. I agree a simple logo in the left hand side would have been much better than the huge team name that kinda gets in the way. From what I've see the variations have team logos on them as well and I guess that the vintage topps logo variants from target are there too. And nice additions to your PC's who doesn't love Bo?