10 January 2010

The Greatest Insert Set Ever?!?!?!?

With the influx in popularity of 90's inserts of the last year or so, there have been many debates over what the greatest insert set ever was. It is well known (or at least plenty debated) that the best insert sets were made in the 90's.

They had the most creativity, originality and were truly rare. In 1995 limited to 4,000 made a card super rare, seeing as there could be as many as 100,000 cases of a product produced, making it even tougher to pull the insert you wanted.

Why would I choose the 98 Crusades over say, the 1993 Finest Refractors or the 1997 Certified Mirror sets?

With three different colored parallels numbered to three different scarcities, they are not only truly rare, but also amazingly good looking cards. Not to mention, they wre extremely different to pull, as these cards were available to be pulled in about 8 different products from 1998 Donruss/Leaf. Adding to the rareness is that multiple players also had prototypes of all three colors and you can see just how tough it is to complete the set.

Plus, they are the most aesthetically pleasing insert set of all time.

The greens look great (/250):


The purples look better (/100):


And, finally, the reds look the best (/25):

Why are the first two pictures from my photobucket and the last from eBay? I won the Hidalgo Red on eBay last night (the one shown) for about HALF of what everyone else has been asking for it (it is the 3rd one I have seen on eBay in three months and everyoneelse wanted $90 or more).

This completes the Crusades rainbow for me and makes it possible for me to have all three of my favorite players cards that are available in the greatest insert set of all time.

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