09 May 2010

Completing a rainbow.....

You know, it really feels great when you finally complete something.

Well, last night, I felt great, because I completed something: the 1998 Donruss Signature Series Richard Hidalgo autograph rainbow.

I had the red (base), green (millenium) and yellow (preview). The Blue "Century Marks" autograph has been setting in Burbanks store for well over a year now, but i couldn't imagine spending $40+ delivered for the auto, especially when I got all three of the others COMBINED for less than $25 shipped.

Anyways, the blue popped up this week and ended yesterday. so, for $27.95 delivered, I present to you the final piece in my second ever rainbow, the 1998 Donruss Signature Blue "Century Marks" Richard Hidalgo autographed card:

(photo taken from eBay)

To say I was excited to win this is an understatement. After winning the LCM Gold autograph of Javier Vazquez earlier in the week and now this, it has been quite a week for my player collections.

Anyone else complete a rainbow? What player and what set?


  1. Very cool! I noticed a lot of cards that haven't been on eBay in the past popping up because of the new policy.

  2. Thanks.

    As have I. I guess some people are willing to drop the dough since they won't lose anything now if it doesn't sell.

    I just have to hop my wallet doesn't mind being opened so often :D