20 May 2010

Purging the Collection and New Blogs to the Blog Roll

Well, as recently as yesterday I did something completely major with my collection.

I sold every autographed, patched or game used card not containing the names Richard Hidalgo or Javier Vazquez.

Now I am pretty torn about the sale, but at the same time, I am thankful for the $250 I got (and the $235 I netted after fees and shipping). There is some stuff on eBay I am eyeballing and need the funds for, since I have no extra funds right now, thanks to the wreck.

But, but, but, what will you trade now? you say. Well, I still have all of my inserts, parallels and base cards. And since I still need a ton of Hidalgo's and Vazquez's base and insert cards, I figure those will do for awhile.

This may seem crazy, but at the same time, I may be able to lock up some large lots of game used and autos for a decent portion of the $250 to restock and still have money left over for the PC, so I am not going to be upset if that does come to fruition.

So, if you have anything of these two guys, that is not game used, drop a comment, send me an email, drop me a line on Twitter, find me on Facebook...you get the drift.

Now, onto the new blogs on the blog roll:

Emerald City Diamond Gems -- Seattle Baseball. Pretty easy to guess, right? Plus, he has an affinity for collecting retired players (4 to be exact) and a player with a hyphenated last name. Give it a read, make a trade, finally unload all of those Mariners you've been talking about giving away.

The Sandlot -- Not only is it named after the greatest baseball movie EVER (ok, I was like 12 when I made that call, but still, it holds up pretty good to today's standards), but it is also a blog about the Mets. And his dog is named Shea, you know, like the old stadium ;)

Lipgloss and Baseball: A Minnesota Twins Blog -- Uh, yeah, do I need to say much more? Lipgloss, baseball, Twins. Too easy, right?

And the last blog, but definitely not the least:

The Infinite Baseball Card Set  -- This is a place where I will post the baseball cards I designed and illustrated. There is no complete set, it will go on forever, each card representing a unique and interesting baseball player, from Negro Leaguers and obscure semi-pro players to cards of hall of famers when they were in the minor leagues. I am going to create all the cards I wanted when I was kid, and share some knowledge and stories from baseballs forgotten corners. (Ok, that is directly from his blog...but he said it better than I could have. Check out mojo and beardy's fantastic card blog to see a sample card he made and for info on buying a set of your own ;) ).

Oh yeah, if you aren't already, feel free to click on the Twitter link and follow me over there. I try to tweet everyday, if I get a chance. It's not always baseball or cards, but it's worth the price you pay.

It's free, get it? Eh. Oh well.


  1. Thanks for the love. I appreciate it. I enjoy your work also. I'm sure I can put together some Astros cards from all different times if you need them.

  2. And, the same for me and Mariners.

    I'm sure we can work something out.