18 May 2010

The Parallel Chronicles

You ever have a day start out terrible, just because you woke up too early?

Then, slowly but surely, as the day gets going and things get moving, it starts to get better?

That was my day today.

Hunter woke me up before 9 and I let mama sleep in. Then, I had a brave battle with the sleep monster, while sitting on the couch, and won, while my son played and watched Sesame Street around me. I then got out of the house, stopped by Burger King for breakfast and then headed to the insurance office to find out what can be done about the rental and the wrecked Jeep.

Good thing #1: Rental will be paid for for a total of 7 days, so no worrying about transportation until next weekend.
Neutral thing #1: Car may be totaled, meaning a new vehicle is probably in my future.

We then proceed to go back home where mama has decided to arise from her slumber. I have already forgotten what was eaten for lunch, but I know it was something pretty good.

Then, it was off to the post office, where I had two packages waiting for me.

The first package had these two cards in it:

I needed both of these and they ended up in one little auction. How nice.

The second package contained the last and final piece to this little autograph rainbow (it's the blue one, the Century Marks):

Sexy, I know. I got all 4 of those for less than what Burbank Sportscards wants for the Century Marks and Preview combined. Including shipping.

Believe me when I say that this REALLY put a smile on my face.

And, hey, look at that, I got some scanning done today as well ;)


  1. Those are great autos. On card, correct?

    I just looked and found 2 Hidalgos that are not on your checklist. '01 Donruss Studio and '02 E-X. Interested?

  2. Yes sir, they are on-card.

    Are those just base cards? Or?

    Either way, if they are not on the list, I need them :D

    Email me the specifics, I am sure I have something you need :D

  3. I'll scan them and shoot you an email tomorrow. And yes, they are both base cards. I probably have more, might not have seen them recently, though.

  4. It's always fun completing something, whether it's a set or a rainbow of fun! Congrats.