18 May 2010

The Unknown One of One

I like to think of myself as someone with some pretty decent knowledge of baseball cards from about the turn of the new century up until now.

Even with this knowledge, though, some things still tend to slip through the cracks. Usually these things are super low numbered parallels or SP'ed autograph cards. More often than not, they are usually 1/1's from sets I paid little attention to.

One of those sets, was 2004 Upper Deck Play Ball. Up until the past few months, all I knew about the set was a) it was produced by Upper Deck and b) they had produced it for two years and not since.

What I have learned since then is that the base "rainbow" consists of the base card and 4 parallels: Blue, "Parallel" numbered to 175, Green numbered to 15 and Purple, a 1/1.

Lucky for me, I had the funds available when the Purple 1/1 of Richard Hidalgo popped up, which made it the first 1/1 in my Hidalgo PC.

Anyone else have any of the parallels of their player or teams? Has any else seen another purple? To date and to the best of my very fragile memory, this is the only Purple 1/1 I have seen from the set. Maybe due to it's lack of popularity, terrible design or overall cheapness, I don't really know.

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