09 May 2010

Printing Plates: Do you collect them?

I recently bough a 15 year old printing plate for my personal collection, bringing the total number of plates I own to 5:

Probably one of the more rare printing plates I will ever own, as the Scoreboard company wasn't around for too long and most people don't attempt to sell what they have of lesser known players.

But it brings me to the question at hand: to all of your team and player collectors out there, do you collect printing plates? If you collect like I do, the answer is obviously yes. I collect any and all cards of the players I collect, plus I collect inserts, base and one auto per in my team collection. That brings us to, do you even consider a printing plate a card? Obviously, it is card shaped, since it was used to produce the card, but not all printing plates have always been available to the public.

Do you count it like all other 1/1's and add it to the ever growing list of tough to find cards? Or is it more of an anomaly and you only pick them up if they are a good price?

Why am I asking so many questions, like I am 4 years old?


  1. If I see one of a player I like for a good price, I'm interested. But they're not very attractive, so I don't stress out looking for them.

  2. Hell yes...with a hitch. For McGriff, Seneca Wallace, and Tyronn Lue, my top three player collections, I do. For everyone else, I'll take them in a trade (lol yeah right) or on the cheap cheap CHEAP. But I will not seek them out/pay boatloads for a guy like Gary Sheffield or David Carr.

  3. I agree with Paul. They're not much to look at. If I came across McGowan/Marcum/Romero at a reasonable price, then yes, I would make the effort. But I do not have any right now and am in no way searching for any.

  4. I look for Mets and Yankees plates (I have none yet) or if I find tem on the cheap, cheap I will pick them up since they are a like a rare parallel. I have 4 in my collection, one I pulled myself from a pack and three others I got on the cheap.

  5. You know what sucks?

    The back printing plate for this card popped up and, thinking I had no competition for it (since I rarely have competition for his stuff) I tossed a low bid out there.

    And wouldn't ya know, some bastard came in and stole it from me.

    Would have been nice to have the front and back plates, but I guess it just isn't in the cards for me.