15 May 2010

When disaster strikes....

It strikes hard.

Had quite an eventful latish night last night.

I was headed home from Frankfurt, travelling on the autobahn. Due to the rain and construction area, I was going around 80kph, when I came around a blind curve. Much to my dismay, there was an eighteen wheeler that had slowed down to 40kph. This meant I had to attempt to slow down to half my speed in a short distance, without hitting the truck. So, instead, I hit the guardrail. As I attempted to slow down, my car fishtailed in the rain and I lost control of it. I struck the guard rail a total of three teams, causing quite a bit of damage to the car, as seen in the following pictures:

 That fifth and final picture is the bumper and grill from my Jeep Liberty, that was salvaged from the road.

The car is now located two hours away. I had to finish my drive home at 1130 at night, in a rented car, in the rain. Needless to say, I was scared shitless on that part if the drive home, but I made it out of the whole ordeal with no injuries, so I am definitely blessed.

Luckily, my insurance should cover the rental car (quite expensive out here) and most of the damages (not sure if I have a deductible or not, so maybe I should bone up there, huh?).

This means I will be tapping into my card money, which caused me to miss out on a few auctions I REALLY wanted, but I was lucky enough to get something sweet as a belated birthday gift, so I guess it makes up for that:

May have overpaid, but I don't really care, as it was my birthday money and I really wanted a Gwynn auto (knock that off of my 2010 goals list :D).

Anyways, I am off of work until June 1st (thank you pre-deployment leave), so I plan on getting myself back on track with a bunch of posts and comments on other blogs.

Thanks for checking me out guys!!


  1. Sorry to read about your accident. That is rough. Glad you are okay and I hope your insurance takes care of it. When you can, please email me your address. I had sent you a package a few months back and it was returned to me last week. Bacontowne at yahoo. I hope this ends well for you. Accidents suck!

  2. I suppose it could have been worse. Glad you made it out relatively intact!

    Never been on the autobahn, but I've heard stories from people who have.

  3. Marck....I will send that email out in a little bit.

    night owl....let's just say I was one of the more lucky people who got out there and didn't have something worse happen. I have seen many videos and pictures of worse one car accidents.

    thanks for the thoughts guys.

  4. Glad the damage was to the jeep. Oh yea, and the card budget. Stay safe.