24 May 2010

The Parallel Set That Started It All

While I was busy doing a random eBay search, just browsing through the auctions, trying to find things to convince myself to purchase, I stumbled upon what is, in my opinion, the greatest insert set ever, up for sale, all in PSA 9's and 10's.

1993 Topps Finest Refractor Set; All PSA 9's and 10's

Now, this may be the ONLY 93 Finest refractor set where all of the cards are graded a PSA 9 or higher, so this is the standard bearer for all of the PSA set collector's out there, for the Finest refractor set.

As I type, the auction is at just under $10,000 and by the time this post hits, will probably exceed $10,000....but maybe not the reserve (why people still use reserves, I will never know).

Anyways, I just thought it was awesome to see this set up for sale and to see so many of them in PSA 10 grades.

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