13 December 2009

All Quarter Century Team: Middle Infielders

The middle infield of the All Quarter Century Team was relatively easy to pick......for the first two slots. The last slot, though, wasn't as much of a no-brainer as the first two. And, since my first two slots are filled by shortstops, this meant that the final slot had to be a second baseman. So, I will lead off with the second baseman and end with the best player from the middle infield of the last twenty-five seasons.

Over the last 25 seasons, Craig Biggio has more hits, more home runs, more at bats and more games than any other second baseman. He was the epitome of a team player, moving from catcher to second base to the outfield and back again. He hustled, played with grit and enjoyed the ol' hit by pitch. He is also a bonafide surefire Hall of Famer and one of the nicest men to ever step on a baseball diamond.

Predictable, I know, but can you argue? Career .317 hitter, career hits leader for the Yankees on on pace to retire with well over 3,500 hits. Not to mention his clutch defense, World Series rings, 10 All Star games, Rookie Of the Year, World Series MVP, All Star Game MVP and his penchant for clutch hits in the playoffs. Just a part of the long line of New York bred Hall of Famers, when his career is all said and done.

As I said in corner infielders, I consider Rodriguez a shortstop, since he has spent about 65% of his career there. 3 MVP's (5 top 5 finishes), 12 All Star Game nods, 2 gold gloves, 583 home runs (and counting), 10 silver sluggers and the highest paid athlete in ANY sport. Sound like a shoe in for greatest of the last quarter century? It does to me. Until Pujols has 16 seasons under his belt, A-Rod is the greatest right handed hitter of my lifetime.

I will jump to the starting pitchers next, as I want to end on the outfielders (so SP, RP, and then DH, before settling on the OF). As usual, feel free to leave praise, hate, love or complaints via email or the comments below.

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