21 December 2009

Changes to Balk Four

Well, as you may have noticed, change number one has already taken place: the "theme" of the blog has changed. I was looking for something a little brighter, easier to read, with better spacing. After checking out all of the other themes, this presented itself to me to be the best of the group.

A few other changes will be taking place.

One, this will not be a blog that is 80-90% card related. I intend to bring the day to day business of baseball into the blog more, as well as the history of the game. I plan on doing my own personal research into many different aspects of the game to entertain (and to teach) you, my handful of loyal readers, about the game we love.

I also plan on having guest bloggers, about once a week, to speak on different topics surrounding the different facets of our hobby. Different topics such as Through The Mail autos, case breaks, high end products, memorabilia, player collecting, set collecting, team collecting, etc. Anyone and everyone will be encouraged to participate, to get your voice out and spread the knowledge you have. I will also be looking for guests to blog about the game of baseball in general. From the advanced statistics available today, such as OPS+, VORP, etc, etc, to the minor leagues, rules of the game and crazy feats and statistics.

And, lastly, the big change will be continued improvement. I know we are still about 10 days away from the new year, but I can look back on my blog and see the need for improvement. From better content, posting more regularly and increasing the depth of my knowledge.

Also, I will be suspending the posting of the rest of the All Quarter Century Team. More from a lack of motivation from myself on the project, but also from a lack of interest from the readers of the blogosphere. I might bring it up in the future, but as one post with the whole team in it. We will see.
I want to thank those who have helped me with my collection so far (a few of you out there have), those who comment (even if rarely) on my random blogs and those of you who are the silent majority, who just read and the move along.

I hope, in the future, to post content that makes you want to comment, interact or email me and help further broaden the horizon of this blog.


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