14 December 2009

Oh, where have you gone 1996 SPx?

Anyone remember '96 SPx? That great set of odd shaped base cards, easy to distinguish parallels and holographic goodness?

While searchign through some cards recently, I cam across this gem:

Barry Lamar Bonds. Back when I was younger, I was a huge Bonds fan, but really only had commons and base cards of his to show for it (his stuff was pretty damn expensive then) and this had to easily be my favorite base card of his.

Rarely, if ever, would you catch Bonds with a smile on his face anymore, but as a child, the smile on Bonds' face on this card brought a smile to my face. As THE player of the 90's, I lived and died on his every swing, throw and stolen base. I remember wanting a gold cross earring, just like Barry had. I even had a little swagger and arrogance about me as well (which i saying a lot, I didn't even cross the 5 foot threshold until my sophomore year of High School). Sadly, I never did learn to hit left handed though, if I had, I would have had his swing down pat.

Why do I bring this up?

I realize that the mid 90's may be the high point of the hobby we partake of. From the introduction to serial numbered cards, to lower print runs, auto's, game used and stunning technology, we may never see the hobby change in such a way that we will reminisce on the cards we bought again.

I may soon be attempting to complete this set, as there are only 60 cards in the set. So, if you happen to stumble across any '96 SPx cards, keep me in mind ;)

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