06 December 2009

Huge Mail Week, Part Zwei

Well, the first part of my huge mail week came from Ed over at Roll Out The Barrel. The second part of my huge mail week comes from eBay and a few trades. I got cards for all three of my player collections (Vazquez, Hidalgo and Pence) and I will just let the scans do the talking:

09 Ballpark 6 Game Used

04 Just Auto

09 A&G NNO Mini /50

07 Exquisite Auto /25

08 Spectrum 50/50

09 Topps Silk /50

09 Topps Chrome Blue Ref /199

09 Topps U&H Black /58

Green Crusade

And, the finale:

Thanks for looking guys!!

1 comment:

  1. 1/1 are always fun. They aren't on my want list, but when I see one I try to snatch it up.