28 December 2009

My Secret Santa Package Arrived!!!!

And boy was it a good one.

I can tell that my secret santa really did some research ;)

I feel pretty blessed by the package, as it included some stuff I really wanted.

No scan right now, but here is the loot I pulled in:

Two 5 Pack Blasters of 2008 Topps (Help with my set)
One pack of Donruss Americana (My wife likes these)
One pack of Upper Deck X (Underrated set, in my opinion)
One 2008 Topps Value Pack (36 cards)

And, the biggie:

"The Card: Collectors, Con Men, and the True Story of History's Most Desired Baseball Card"

I've already read the book, but wanted a copy of my own.

Thanks so much Jack (Baseball Card Dad/All Tribe Baseball). You definitely embraced the spirit of Christmas with this package!!!


(PS: I plan on getting scans of the breaks and the book sometime later this week).


  1. You very welcome! For anyone reading who doesn't understand, "Hell on Wheels" was the nickname for my Armored Division when I was in the service 40 years ago!

  2. P.S. Love the card at the top. Even though I'm die-hard Tribe fan, "The Mick" was my childhood hero in baseball.

  3. Yeah, I am very fond of the mick as well.

    I just wish he led a better personal life. If he coulda stayed away from the bottle and the ladies, maybe he woulda made it longer than he did (not just on the ball field, but a longer life as well).