08 December 2009

The All Quarter Century Team

So, I have decided to turn my idea of the greatest 25 players of the last 25 seasons into the All Quarter Century Team. It will still consist of 25 players, but it will be spread out a little differently.

Instead of a random 25 players, they will be laid out by position:
 C x2
CI x3
MI x3
OF x5
SP x5
RP x5

I will break the team down into 7 posts and then a final, 8th post, with the complete team and how I feel about the overall composition of the team.

The only REAL rule for a player to be eligible for the team, is that their FIRST season must have been the 1985 season (my first season of life). Most of the players will have had a TON of success (7+ years, most with 10+ and HOF credentials), but there are some guys from the Aughts years that will make a spot on the team.

In other news, since I went on my little eBay and trading spree, I have received a card package in the mail every mail day for the last 5 weekdays....and it is GREAT. Got two more in today, along with SEVEN yesterday, meaning I will have a large mail post this weekend with a ton of scans.

If anyoen has any suggestions for the All Quarter Century Team, feel free to drop an email or leave a message here, pleading your case for individual players.


  1. If they had to have debuted in 1985...

    * Andres Galarraga
    * Shawon Dunston
    * Vince Coleman
    * Mike Greenwell
    * Ozzie Guillen
    * Teddy Higuera
    * Jose Canseco
    * Cecil Fielder

    and some of those are questionable.

  2. And congrats on breaking a thousand hits.

  3. Mark--

    They had to have debuted in 1985 or AFTER. Only Cecil will get any consideration fro mthat group for me ;)

    And thanks, didn't even notice I had hit 1,000.