22 December 2009

New York, say hello to your newest starting pitcher........Javier Vazquez?

Well, the day has come for one of my PC guys to get traded...again.

For the 5th time since 2003, Vazquez has switched teams. He has ben an Expo, a Diamondback, a Yankee, a White Sock, a Brave and now, a Yankee again.

Honestly, I hate this move from a collection standpoint. I am a fan in no way, shape or form of the Yankees. Just being traded to the Yanks will increase prices on Javy's stuff and make it tougher to land. Not to mention, we will most likely see an increase in his WHIP and ERA, though his wins should also rise as well.

I know his last go around in New York wasn't the memorable (he did make the All Star game, but it is the only season in his career that he made less then 20 starts) and his second half was pretty terrible (in his defense, he was hurt).

But, New Yorkers, welcome him with open arms. Your team gave up a below average corner outfielder, a solid minor league pitcher and a PTBNL, who may or may not end up being a decent player. As far as I am concerned, giving up two unproven talents and a crappy player for a bonafide top ten to twelve starter in the league.

Pat yourselves on the back Yanks fans. This trade opens the door for management to throw some money at an outfield or DH type player.

Paging Mr. Holliday. Mr. Holliday to the Bronx please.


  1. I can't imagine there's much of a demand for Javier's stuff to begin with... is there? If so, perhaps now stuff will be easier to find, at least in the beginning.

  2. Bah, they really need to fix this imbalance in baseball. It just gets boring seeing the rich teams pull everyone in.

    I hope Selig and his new committee tackle this issue of leveling the playing field.

  3. Man, I am sorry. Nothing worse than one of your favorites getting scooped up by the Yankees. Especially when they are as good as Vazquez. Man, that pitching staff was tough to begin with... I think I would quit collecting if the Yankees signed Crawford.

  4. Joe - Not much demand, but his Yankee stuff goes higher than any of his other stuff. If he has another All Star start (he went 10-4 the first half of '04), I could be hurtin' for awhile.

    Ken - I completely agree. Though, they could just give some of the small market ball clubs a kick in the ass and make them spend the money they get from the big market teams. Their is a ton of money just sitting around in Florida, Pittsburgh, KC and the like.

    Troll - Indeed, it is the worst feeling. I mean, I want him to do good, but I don't want the Yankees to do good. It's a lose/lose for me :( BTW, your package goes out tomorrow.

  5. Anthony - thanks for at least recognizing that there is A LOT of money sitting in these small market teams' bank accounts! Yes, spending among the top four or five teams in payroll is a big problem, but almost equally problematic is the fact that the Pittsburghs and Floridas and Kansas Citys of the world receive a good amount of money that isn't getting put back in to the team/organization, which is what the luxury tax is intended for.

  6. I think the luxury tax, money hoarding of small market teams may be a blog post soon.

    Should make for some lively debate.