04 September 2009

1985 Topps....the last great Topps set?

Ok, probably not the LAST great set, but it was great because that is the year I was born :D

The reason I bring this up is that I recently picked up three of the bigger rookies from the set and it has sparked an interest in me to build the complete set. I have never attempted a set this old and I have never completed any set I have tried to start.

The three rookies I picked up were the USA McGwire, the Clemens and the Puckett, three current or SHOULD be future HOFers, steroid and PED allegations aside.

The '85 Topps McGwire. 10 years ago it would have cost an arm and a leg to acquire one of these cards. McGwire was at his ultimate peak after the home run record race with Sammy Sosa in the summer of '98. Now, you can grab multiple copies of this card for less than the price of admission to any modern movie.

Kirby Puckett was always a fan favorite in Minnesota, even after his playing days were over. You have to think he would have put up even better numbers had he not been struck by disease at such a young age. I don't remember watching him play much, but I have seen some of the highlights of his career and must admit I am saddened by the fact I never got to see him play in his prime.

Roger Rocket. A man who has turned his back on not one, not two but THREE teams during his playing days. He screwed over the Red Sox, left false hope in Toronto and lied to the Astros. Hell, he was never really considered a Yankee either. And what does he have to show for all that? Time in front of a grand jury, no friends, labeled a liar, a fraud, a dick, bad team mate yet never labeled a friend. Still to this day I regret ever cheering for him while on the Astros. And yet, I had to get his rookie card, just because he had to make his debut the year of my birth.

I will be going through my collection soon to see what I have from this set. If you have ANY '85 Topps cards, please drop me an email so we can work out a deal. I will be posting all my '85 Topps maildays and keeping everyone in the card blogosphere in the loop on the set.

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