09 September 2009

The Javier Vazquez Collection

 My Javier Vazquez player collection was the first player collection I ever really dove into. I had collected various other players when I was younger (Bagwell, Piazza, Bonds, Chipper) but those were short lived as I got older and realized they were VERY expensive players.

I chose Javy because he is always an underrated pitcher and his stuff is very cheap. Not to mention he has plentiful autos, inserts and great looking base cards. Plus, he has the whole multi-team career going for him, so I can go after multiple of his jerseys. Makes a memorabilia collection look even better with the sheer volume of different stuff I can get of him.

Sadly though, it seems as if that player collection of mine gets neglected the most. I find myself mainly chasing after Richard Hidalgo and Hunter Pence and kind of leaving Vazquez on the back burner. I guess things can be cyclical, so I am sure I will hop back on the Vazquez train and try to get a ton of his Braves stuff.

Anyone else kind of get into a player collection "rut"? Where you aren't really seeing anything you really WANT for the collection, even if you are missing a TON of base yet you just don't pick it up?



  1. I declared myself a Jason Bartlett collector a few months ago when I started this blog. I have had little to no luck picking up his cards. I get a ton of Carl Crawford cards, which are cool, but he is too expensive to try and find everything. I love Scott Kazmir and Jonny Gomes cards, but now that they both play very far away it isn't the same... My true favs are Clemente and Doby, but again, EXPENSIVE!

  2. Hmmm....email me your address.

    I may have some cards to help those collections out ;)

  3. Yep, I did that two weeks ago. There were some Ichiro cards I didn't have but I just didn't pick them up. I was there for some Rays cards and was disappointed they didn't have any. Apparently someone cleaned them out of all there Rays about four days earlier.