17 September 2009

My Auto'ed Letter Project

When the By The Letter autos came out over the last few years, I noticed some people able to get the complete run for some players (I have seen the complete Chad Billingsley and Hunter Pence runs from 07 SPA on the FCB boards) or just some sweet names spelled out.

This past Spring, I started my own auto'ed letter project: spelling out my sons full name with autographed letters. Whether it be from SPA, Finest, Razor, what have you, I wanted to spell his whole name; first, middle and last.

His full name: Hunter Nicolaus Kates, named after Hunter Pence, of the Houston Astros. So, obviously, I have and still aim(ed) for BTL autos of Pence, but they can be pretty pricey compared to others.

So far, I have these letters:

I have an S, just didn't scan it by itself for some reason.

I also won an N and an A recently on eBay, so those should be here soon. Plus, I have been waiting on a trade for some time now from The Bench (thebenchtrading.com) that has an auto'ed U in the deal. If I get those three in, I will only have the two letters left (A, U) and then I can begin to work on the second half othe project.

I am going to work on getting a really sweet photo of my boy swinging his little baseball bat (he is only 19 months old) in a uniform onesie he has and then getting it blown up into a 16x20. Then, I will put all the letters in the same type of holder and have the letters and the picture professionally framed. And then hang it in his own bedroom, next to the Tennessee Titans banner and Hosuton Astros metal baseball.

So, if anyone happens to have an autographed U or A, PLEASE let me know so we can work out a deal.

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