20 September 2009

Running Blog: University of Texas Longhorns vs Texas Tech University Red Raiders

Just a little heads up, but I am SIX hours ahead of the Eastern Time Zone, so I will be listing my times in Central European Standard Time, as it will be much easier for me that way.

1:47 am: I get to watch the game on Armed Forces Network (AFN). In order for the 13 or so AFN channels to be free, they are not allowed to show real commercials. So I just saw a commercial on stopping your battle buddy from committing suicide. I can only hope he stopped a Texas Tech fan from harming himself (morbid, I know).

1:51 am: Quick editors note: I will be scanning in cards and uploading them to photobucket throughout the duration of the game. If I lag behind on things, well, I apologize. Photobucket slows my internet down :(

2:00 am: Bathroom break. Gotta get it out of the way before kickoff. Then, stopping in the kitchen to grab two Ripits, the last piece of pizza and something else to eat during the game.

2:11 am: Just found out that both of the starting QB's in this game (McCoy and Potts) grew up AND attended high school just an hour away from where I grew up in Texas. McCoy in Tuscola and Potts in Abilene. Hmm.

2:14 am: Texas kicks off. Holding call on the return on Tech. Potts is a 6'5" behemoth, but TT needs you to be more than just big and strong to run the offense. JaMarcus Russell need not apply.

2:18 am: So far the Tech offense has looked pretty flawless. Outside of a penalty, every play has netted positive yardage. Potts has hit FIVE different receivers already. Franks with a great catch while being hit and then falling down. Probably gonna review the play, just for safety's sake.

2:22 am: The Tech offense did fairly well. Penalties hurt their drive, with three penalties setting them back enough to let the Longhorns defense get a solid 3rd down stop. A Tech field goal opens the scoring for the game. 3-0 Red Raiders.

2:26 am: Anyone notice how soothing Brent Musburger's voice is? With all the year's he has been on the Saturday Night Game on ABC, his voice has never changed. Even in crushing defeat (like any OU-UT game that ends in an L for the good guys), Musburger's voice still makes you feel good. Not sure how I feel about Kirk Herbstreit yet. Will make a decision by half time.

2:28 am: Didn't know it, but Nate Newton's son is a running back for the 'Horns. He is considerably smaller then his father. Quite surprising, honestly.

2:31 am: First Texas drive ends in a punt. Amazing punt for Texas, as they down it inside the 5. Seemed like it hit a Red Raider's helmet on a bounce, might be seeing the ball awarded to the Longhorns at the Red Raider 1 yard line when we come back from the break.

2:34 am: Well, it was early contact by a TEXAS defender. Oh well. First play of the drive, false start on the offense, 1st down from the three yard line.

2:36 am: Texas Tech 3 and outs, so they have to punt. Punt returned by Jordan Shipley.....46 yard touchdown return for Shipley. 7-3 Texas :D

2:42 am: Penalties, Penalties, Penalties, Penalties. That's 4 penalties on TT so far. Last year Texas was holding down the negative yardage, seems the role is reversed. Hoping this Raider misfortune continues throughout the game.

2:46 am: Add another penalty to the Tech side. 5 in the first quarter? That does not bode well for a team who NEEDS this win to make any headway in the Big 12. I must also note that Arkansas currently leads a high ranked Georgia team in the 2nd quarter.

2:49 am: Another Texas Tech offensive drive, another punt.

2:54 am: Tech shut down Texas and now Texas came back and shut down Tech. 3rd and 9 and the Texas defense forces a Potts fumble, which is then recovered THIRTY-TWO yards BEHIND the line of scrimmage at the Tech 14. Time for a Tech punt, which is three drives in a row now.

2:56 am: Musburger just drops that today is "National Talk Like a Pirate Day". He uses no pirate jargon, thanks god. *UPDATE* For all those Astros fans and anyone who owns Hunter Pence in a fantasy league, Pence just homered in the Astros/Brewers game.

3:05 am: Texas FG, 10-3 Texas. Nothing too exciting happened, just a nice long catch. Other than that, ho-hum college football.

3:09 am: What's that Ref? Another penalty on Tech? Oh, thought maybe you had something different to say. Make that SIX now.

3:12 am: Fumble. Roosky. Texas ball. Just great defense all around on this drive. D-line is really getting to Potts and the back 7 are really getting after the ball carriers.

3:16 am: Damn. First mistake by McCoy leads to a tipped ball and an interception. Tech ball going the other way. Here's hoping for another big stand by the Texas defense.

3:19 am: Another Texas Tech possession, another punt.

3:20 am: Editor's note: I don't think this live blog will last past the first half. Hard to enjoy the game as much as I want to and blog at the same time. In fact, expect my last update probably after the current Longhorns possession, as this has been too much typing already.

3:25 am: Texas tried the Wildcat formation. Fumbled snap. Really gotta watch the mistakes with the game still being so close. Very impressed with the Tech defense.

3:33 am: I sound like a broken record. Texas Tech offensive possession, Texas Tech punt. Sucks for them, good for the Longhorns. Now, if only they could capitalize on offense and open up their lead some.

3:37 am: Will Texas score again before the half? Did ANYONE see such a defensive first half between these two teams? I mean, seriously, can we see some fireworks in this game?

3:45 am: My last update of the game, until maybe the end. Looks like we are going into the half with the score still at 10-3 in favor of Texas. Here's to hoping for more points being scored in the second half (and Colt McCoy will hopefully look a LOT better as well).

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