22 September 2009

Indians, Baseball Cards and Random Wax

Well, David over at Indians, Baseball Cards and Random Wax has been giving away cards through his random randomness and I was the recipient of one of his random packages.

And, well, random it was.

I will start off with the first card I saw in the package (and it was a package, I mean seriously it had eight "packs" and a few oversized cards on both sides) and probably my favorite in the whole thing:

Yep, that's THE Data, from one of the greatest 80's movies, The Goonies. One of my favorite 80's characters, Data (or Short Round, as you Indiana Jones fans may know him as) provided many laughs and great contraptions throughout the movie. If it wasn't for Corey Feldman, he would have been my favorite person in the movie.

Next, this group of cards caught my eye:

Not sure what set this is or what product it was in, but I really like the looks of them. Thee Tri-Fold "BAT" cards are really awesome, showcasing great players and great moments in the history of baseball. Anyone with more info on them, please drop me a line, as I would like to get a complete set for a little cardboard project I have in mind.

Now, here is the center of my burgeoning new collection focus:

Yes, Checklists. These 8 checklists now bring me up to, wait for it, as it is a staggering amount, EIGHT checklists. Ok, they are my first ones in my collection, but still. I mean, who really collects these? I could totally corner the market on checklists before anyone notices. Yeah.

This package wouldn't have been complete without:

Country Gold. Your country favorites turned collectible favorites. Some real greats in this set. I am havign a tough time finding a box or cae of this stuff, so I can really chase after some of the hard to find cards, so I can have the COMPLETE set of 40's to early 90's country music legends.

No package would be complete without some random game used and autos and David provided me with a nice little handful:

I am really digging the RJ/Schilling one a that year was one of my FAVORITE World Series I can remember. LuGo, Schill, RJ and the like brought real joy into my life (especially when they lit up Mo Rivera). Not to mention the fantastic Tom Lampkin auto. A catching legend if you ask me.

And, to end the package, my ssecond favorite card in the package and now my favorite looking modern (post-90's) baseball card:

Seriously, how great is that. Stealing bases AND he looks like a thief? Seriously, great idea Topps. Seriously.

Anyways, thanks again David for the fantastic random package. It really brought a smile to my face and made for a fantastic day searching through the package.


  1. just found your blog.....and country star cards...awesome! and Martin Del Ray...even better!