14 September 2009

Blue Refractory Goodness

Ah yes, the vaunted Blue Refractor from Bowman Chrome. Some like the Gold, some the Red, others just the super elite Superfractor.
Me, personally, I prefer the Blue Refractor all day everyday.
What better blue refractor to show off then my Hunter Pence autographed blue refractor:

For some reason the scan just NEVER seems to do these justice (though, it may also just be my scanner that causes them to look this bad). But take a look at it. Look at how the blue auto just pops with the all blue border. It seems as if it even brings out the Astros uniform. Those of you who own/have owned one of these bad boys (any kind of Bowman Chrome blue refractor) know what I am talking about.
They look even better when associated with teams who wear blue. The Dodgers, Rangers and Cubs blue refractor cards look PHENOMENAL when it displays a player from one of those teams wearing their blue uniform variation.
If you do not have one of these blue bad boys, I highly suggest you find one and pick it up.
These should be highly cherished. They are not as super exclusive as the 1/1 Superfractors, but also not as widely available as the regular refractor or even Xfractors. Which makes them an easy to find, aesthetically pleasing add to any personal collection.


  1. I don't own one YET, but the blue refractors look pretty awesome! I thought of your blog today when I got a Hunter Pence card in the mail for my Ginter set...

  2. I saw the Pence. I really do love the A&G sets. Some of the best looking cards.

    As for you not having one YET, I think I have one or two spare ones in one of my boxes and once I get your Rays out to ya I will include one or two blues for ya :D