02 September 2009

Generosity in the baseball card world......

I have been on the receiving end of generous gifts or "freebies" in this little world of ours and I have also been the sender of gifts. But sometimes a gift can come out of the blue and really make you happy.

A buddy of mine on the FreedomCardBoard.com forums sent me a little package today. I had contacted him about a card he had that I was VERY interested in, but he regretted to inform me that he was intending on trading it to someone else for a Felix Hernandez auto he needed for his personal collection (he's from Washington, big M's fan, even bigger King Felix fan). But he also had a printing plate of an Astros prospect that he said he had intended to send me earlier, but had no address.

Fast forward to yesterday. I was talking to him on the boards and he mentions to me if I had gotten a package in. I hadn't checked the mail that day, so I didn't know.

Roll forward to this afternoon, shortly before lunch. I take an early lunch and run by the post office to see if I had anything important. A little junk mail, a bill or two and a padded envelope, addressed from Alex.

I crack that bad boy open, and see a personal, handwritten letter in there (so rare these days):

What's Up Anthony,

So, I was trying to snag a few Letterman Autos to complete your project but couldn't get any. Instead, I thought you would be more than pleased with these two goodies. It's been a pleasure getting to know you bud, keep having fun during the off work time with family & friends. I'll see you around hombre.

Alex (metallicalex777)

Behind that little note was a 2009 Bowman Rene Garcia CYAN Printing Plate, my fourth plate. Wrapped in a piece of paper behind that is a 2008 Allen & Ginter Hunter Pence AUTOGRAPHED CARD!@!@!@! This was the card I was originally interested in. I am guessing his deal for the King Felix fell through, so he sent it to me instead.

So, I just want to throw a quick shoutout to my buddy Alex in Washington for the VERY generous freebies. I will get scans up sometime in the next two days to show off these beauties.


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